Monday, November 7, 2011

I Need New Mexican Food

I grew up in New Mexico which means I ate a lot of green chile!  In New Mexico, we put green chile in a lot of recipes-you can even order it on a burger at fast food restaurants.  It is good in eggs, on potatoes, on burgers, in burritos, stew, and so much more!  One of my favorite recipes with green chile is my Mom's green chile sauce!  With this sauce we would make smothered burritos or enchiladas.  Tonight I was craving chicken quesadillas, so we used it as dipping sauce!
The green chile sauce is next to the plate!  It was very spicy tonight so I ended up eating salsa with mine-my stomach was not up for spicy.  My favorite way to eat this sauce is on a beef and bean burrito.  The sauce is very easy to make if you can find the green chile where you live.  
Green Chili Sauce
1 can cream of mushroom
1 can cream of chicken
1 pound of green chile (I use Bueno frozen green chile, thawed)
Milk to make it consistency you like (probably 1/2 cup)
Garlic, Salt, and Pepper to taste.

Blend all the ingredients and warm on stove.   I like this sauce on beef and bean burritos but it is also great on enchiladas or as dipping sauce!  

Cliff made some re-fried beans with beans from here!  Basically, I made them yesterday and today we put them in the pan with some extra juice and mashed them.  They were great, I really like that bean recipe.
I made this chicken a day ahead of time!  All you do is put boneless skinless chicken breasts (I grab them straight from the freezer) in the crock-pot for about 4 hours with 1/2 cup of water and some seasoning!  The chicken shreds easily and you can put it in so many things! 
  Chicken quesadillas in the skillet:)

Dinner is served!
This meal was on the table within 20 minutes of me getting off work.  It was very yummy.  I also ate some fresh cut pineapple with a big dollop of cool whip.

As for the rest of my day, I went to body pump this morning 6:45am (love the time change).  It was a great class.  I ate a leftover Christmas Pancake with peanut butter and chocolate chips for breakfast.  I also had coffee and pineapple.  
 After breakfast, I read for a while.  Then I got things done around the house and did my lesson plans for the after school program where I work.  I did some Thanksgiving crafts so that the kids with have visuals.  It was fun.  Then I made some lunch.  Leftover tomato soup and a whole wheat bun with cheese toasted on top.  Honey crisp apple on the side-love it when they are in season because they are so juicy, sweet, and crisp!
After lunch I got ready for work.  After work we had New Mexican food, read Romans 3 (it is a great chaper-I love Romans), then watched Last Man Standing!  That show is so funny-Tim Allen reminds me of my Dad so much:)  I am about to head off to bed so that pretty much wraps up my day!  Hope you are off to a good week. 

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