Monday, November 7, 2011

Do I Really Like This Soup?

Check it out...doesn't this look amazing?  Let me tell you about it...

I have never had soup with bread and cheese baked on top so I was not sure what to expect!  Let me start by saying, the home-made tomato soup underneath this bread is so delicious (so you should make this soup because you will not be disappointed)!  Now, on to the bread....this bread baked on to the soup created a whole new state of matter I would like to call jelly-bread.  I can't help but laugh a little thinking about it.  

Cliff and I sat down to dinner thinking oh man this is going to be good.  Then we realized we were going to be eating/blowing on it for about 30 minutes because it was so stinking hot (it was baked in the oven for 30 minutes)!  I was like, maybe we should sit here and just enjoy each others company "like the French do" la la...ya that's kinda hard.  We are in the habit of eating our food not staring at it and attempting to eat it/burning our taste buds off.  It tasted very good, but I just couldn't get over the jelly-breadness.  Needless to say, I will be making this soup again, but serving it in a bowl with grilled cheese on the side instead of baking on the bread!!!  
Now, if you like the bread baked on, go for it because it does taste good, but be warned about the texture and the very hot soup!  I got the recipe here and followed it exactly.  Her pictures and instructions are very helpful if you are going to make this soup.  Also, I just blended 1/3 of an onion in with the soup, instead of putting it on top of the soup before baking.  For the bread I used bakery sandwich rolls that I get at HEB for $.25.  I burned the 1st roll so it was good I bought two!  Here is some of the process:

 Roasted tomatoes!
 Simmering for about 25 minutes.
 This is toasted bread with a little butter on top!
Just before the oven.
End results!!!

We have enough leftover soup for 2-4 more bowls.  I am excited to have leftover soup and think I am going to love it with grilled cheese!  With that, I would like to know your thoughts on bread baked on soup.  
Do you like soup that has bread baked on top?  Does it usually make jelly-bread underneath the toasty goodness?  


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