Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Freezing My Buns Off

For some odd reason I decided to make myself miserable this morning by drinking a smoothie for breakfast.  I am not handling the cold well...don't get me wrong-I am happy to have cold weather, but I am not adjusting to it as well as I usually do.  We don't turn on our heater because it is kind of fun to "save money" and maybe we think it is awesome to be freezing.  LOL, so I was drinking a smoothie in a 60 degree apt.  Anyways, I got over it and the smoothie was delicious.
 Good thing I had Pumpkin Spice Coffee to warm me up!
Milk, yogurt, strawberries, blackberries, banana, a handful of oats, ice, and a huge glob of peanut butter...creamy, cold :/, and delicious!
For the next hour I had a beanie on, gloves, my pj's, my awesome bootie slippers, and my fuzzy robe while I read!  I'm sure it was a funny sight....but only for my eyes:)  I went to the 9:30 step aerobics class and the Y.  Ok, I used to dominate this class at Gold's Gym...but the one at the Y is old school step and they are crazy awesome.  I looked like a complete idiot...I was out of step at least 50% of the time.  I seriously thought about walking out...but I could not give up, so I stuck it out and got a good sweaty workout...and mental workout too.  I got hungry pretty soon after that so I re-heated Split Pea Soup.  Amazing!
I had to laugh when I saw the picture of this roll.  I guess I was too excited and just ripped it to a flat weird blob and slathered butter all over it.  Doesn't make the best picture but I am sure you can relate-bread is so delicious.  These Thanksgiving rolls are still good!  The soup was as good as last night.
I took the liberty of taking a picture of my dinner ahead of time...because I will be in a rush after work and I will just heat this up at Bible Study tonight.  
Leftover Skillet Mac and Veggies!  Hope it warms up well.  Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday.  I may post a little tonight if I have time. 

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  1. Lol you're so adorable Lauren! I just love you to peices!! :D I love this blog because I never get to see you and talk to you but I can really get your humor through the blog and I can just imagine you saying everything thats written here! :) Awe, I love you! :) And that mac and cheese with veggies looks AWESOME! :D mmmmmmmmm