Wednesday, November 9, 2011


You know how some nights nothing sounds good?  Tonight I came home from work planning to make chicken alfredo with a side of squash but it did not sound good to me.  I asked Cliff and he said he didn't want it either-yea!!!!  So then we looked at each other like what do we want???  Well, at times like that Cliff's answer is easy:  Burger King Double!  I did not want a burger however because we are having burgers with Danielle and Ben tomorrow night.  So I decided to make something awesome for myself and later went to Burger King with Cliff!  One thing sounded good to me and that is mac'n cheese from the box!  I typically make home-made mac but sometimes you just want the boxed kind.  Usually Cliff and me add rotel or chicken to the box mac but tonight I wanted it straight.  Let me tell you it was reminded me of when I was a kid and did not care what I ate or how much and I seriously contemplated eating the whole box...but it's for the best that I did not:)
Another important note-usually I only use 2-3 Tbsp. of butter, even though it calls for 4 but tonight I used all 4!  Trust me it was worth it.  I think I will be eating this more often (especially when Cliff is on the road).  I also made some green beans to go with it.

I loved this meal, and can I just say I have gone 2 days without eating meat!  That was not on purpose but I think it is kinda cool anyways-that will all change tomorrow night for burgers lol.
For dessert I contemplated making a GIANT cookie recipe for one, but I will save that for this weekend-you are going to want to see it so get ready!  Instead I had a graham cracker with peanut butter, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, white and dark choco chips!  It was delicious and I actually had this after lunch today too.  I ended up having hot cocoa tonight because it is getting pretty cold.  Anyways, I think I may be getting sick so I am off to shower and get to bed.  Look forward to posting tomorrow, I am out of pancakes so I will be having something different for b-fast wahooo.

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