Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Tree Success

We got our tree!

We went to Home Depot yesterday to get our tree and this was the first one I picked up!  Ben and Danielle were awesome enough to take us in their truck (that is them in the background)!  Next thing you know we were headed home with our tree.  Ben ordered pizza from Papa Johns while we got the tree stuff situated at the apartment.  If you can't tell we did all this around lunch time.  
 The guys worked while we decorated the tree.  Danielle is a light genius...she fixed all the bulbs that were burnt out.  I didn't even ask her to she just got to work-it was awesome.
I love decorating the tree.
Finished product isn't it awesome?
Thanks Danielle and Ben for helping us out we had a great time!  After we got all that set up, Cliff and me cleaned and got some last minute stuff done because my parents came this same day.  I actually wrote this post before Thanksgiving but didn't post it so it is a little late.  I will be updating and posting about Thanksgiving SOON:)

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