Monday, November 14, 2011

Breakfast to Dinner

I did not want to wake up for Body Pump this morning.  I did anyways, rode my bike to the class (awesome weather), and I was glad I did.  I came home very hungry and decided to make Cliff and me some oats.  I made Banana Nut Butterscotch Oats.  I used the same recipe as here, but used Coach's Oats instead of Old Fashioned Oats!  They were so good.  I was super full when I finished this.  My coffee made me feel pretty anxious this morning so I need to use more decaf or maybe drink tea for a few days...we will see how I feel tomorrow! 
I forgot this time, but next time I am adding some crushed graham cracker to the topping list!  So yummy.  

After breakfast I tied up some loose ends on Thanksgiving food details.  We are going to be having a big dinner at my Aunt Kathy's house and it is going to be awesome.  Our food list is super long.  I am going to be making Sweet Potato Casserole and Barkin Dogs (ritz crackers with peanut butter smeared on top, dipped in chocolate-awesome)!  Then I was off to the Chiropractor-which made me feel super sore.  My neck and upper back have been really bothering me...but I am always sore the day I go to the Chiropractor.  
I got the rest of my baking supplies for Christmas after the Chiropractor.  I am feeling excited to get all of that started.  I will be doing early Christmas baking so I can send some home with my family after Thanksgiving.  I whipped up my usual crazy salad and it was good.  Before I knew it I was rushing out the door to work.  I felt super super tired this afternoon.  I felt like I was going to fall asleep on my way to work.  I made it through though!  We had the last of our Chicken Zucchini Casserole tonight.  It is not as good leftover, but I was really hungry so it didn't matter.  Guess what I had for dessert?  
 The squash was the best part of this...I made it fresh tonight!
Mom's Hot Cocoa for dessert!!!!  MMMM....ok I need to lay off this stuff but I probably won't ;)  I am contemplating having a little snack now because I am getting hungry again!  I might just go to sleep though LOL.  Have a great night.  
P.S.  It's a good thing I proofread this because my words did not make sense tonight LOL hope I got it all fixed!

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