Sunday, March 4, 2012

Toasty Goodness

I was dragging big time this weekend.  Ha, I felt like I could hardly function.  We live right on a walking/running/biking trail so most weekends I ask Cliff to go riding.  He doesn't like to go very often (so I always give him a hard time), but this Saturday I convinced him.  He met me at the end of my shift and we rode to Redbox to get a movie (6 miles round trip).  I was such a baby...I felt like I wasn't going to survive it because my legs were like jelly.  We got to Redbox and they did't even have the movie (even though online it said they did)-we were laughing pretty hard.  We ended up just watching Roxanne on Netflix (it is an old movie and it is kind of slow moving).  We had fun anyways.  For dinner I made a new recipe that is really easy.  Philly Chicken Sandwiches!
 Oh the melty provolone!
 Basically chicken, peppers and onion.
 With some Ora Ida fast food fries.
 Toasty and delicious.
I made the chicken in the crock-pot.  Frozen chicken, a little water, Tony's creole seasoning, garlic salt, and pepper.  Let that cook on high for about 2 hours then it shreds perfectly.  Then I heated some oil over med-high heat and put the peppers and onions in until tender.  These sandwiches are supposed to be baked so I just did them in our toaster oven because the fries took up our oven.  Toaster oven to 350 and place the sandwich (meat mixture with provolone) on a lightly greased pan.  Let bake for about 8 minutes.  It makes the bread toasty and the meat and cheese warm and melty.  I feel like these were too easy.  We have leftover chicken and peppers and I think it will be great on an open-faced melt or in pasta.  It kind of reminded me of chicken fajitas.  Putting the chicken in the crock-pot really makes this simple.  We had cookies and coffee for dessert:)
This morning I woke up and went walking then came back to make breakfast.  Scrambled eggs and sausage with cheese and fresh hash browns.  I also skilleted some English Muffins.  It was really good.  After church we went to Chili's and it was fun.  I got really full at lunch so I kept it simple with some milkshake cereal and cookies for dinner!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Can't believe it is over.  See you tomorrow, I will be making some yummy stuff with leftovers this week.

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