Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mad Cravings

Ha, today was a busy day, and it did not help that I was having cravings at every meal.  I tell you what, I have been craving home made pizza for a little over a week...and it is not a craving that has passed.  I have not had the chance to make it because I have been working on clearing out my freezer.  I was craving one so bad that I thought about getting a meatball sub..hoping it would pass...then I thought about making a pizza bagel.  I worked this afternoon, so I really didn't have much time for dinner.  I came home and next thing I know, I was eating a leftover pulled pork sandwich...I am totally lame but it was really good.
It was the last of our leftover pulled pork.  I really liked it on this bun thin (from Ben and Danielle).
After dinner I went to get a present for someone, then had to head to Bible Study.  Again with the cravings.  I was craving vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips (who am I?), okay and peanut butter did run through my mind as well.  I didn't have time for any such creation so I may or may not have prayed that someone would miraculously bring some sort of cookie or brownie to Bible luck!  I settled on some whole wheat cinnamon utz pretzels dipped in peanut butter that I whipped out of my purse.  They definitely helped.  I think I was just hungry to be honest-sometimes plain hunger gives you cravings.  Hope this little story doesn't bore you.  You may also be interested to know that I made peanut clusters today for Brent (and one popped into my mouth before I realized it).  I made milk chocolate for him (I usually use dark) and the milk chocolate tasted mighty delicious.  I have another busy day tomorrow.  I picked up two shifts at work and then I'm going to pick up my in-laws at the airport in the evening!!!!  Exciting hope I can get everything done.

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