Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Favorite Custard

We have an awesome burger and custard place here and I have found my favorite creation.  Any guesses?  A two scoop sundae with chocolate custard, peanut butter, and reese's cups. 
 In case you were wondering, Cliff got snickers with caramel.  We also tried their cheese curds which are little battered and fried cheese balls.  We both have tiny stomach aches...but it was worth it!
 Before Church we fueled up with apple bran muffins, sausage, and milk.
Our pastor taught a great message this morning about reaching out to people.  He spoke out of Romans 10 about being on our mission for God everywhere we go.  Romans is a great book.
 We had upside-down nachos!  We only had small pieces of tortilla chips and fritos, so I couldn't make normal nachos.  In place of the typical nachos...I just made them with the chips on top.
 Black beans, jalapenos, and cheese
Top with your chips and then heat in the oven at 400 for about ten minutes.  They were delicious...pretty much like nachos meet taco salad!
We went to Culver's with Ben and Danielle and then came to our place to watch The Big Year...we liked it.  It was a funny, clean movie!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

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