Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Almost Here

Yipee our company is almost here.  I am going to pick them up tonight at the airport.  I had a pretty busy day with work and errands but did manage to make a couple good meals.  This morning I made an old favorite-peaches and cream oatmeal.  I use my homemade instant oats and add a little container of diced peaches in 100% juice.  It is so good.
 With a big scoop of peanut butter plus a sprinkle of granola.  Let's just say my peanut butter cravings are a little higher than usual.  I would have like a little oatmeal with my peanut butter this morning.
 Veggie burger for lunch (my last one sadly...I need to go buy more)!
 Cliff's Mom loves hot chocolate!  I was out of my homemade supply so I did some major calculating and made a mini batch.  I will post the mini batch recipe if it tastes awesome (and I think it will).  I made milkshake cereal for a snack then headed to work.  After work I made an easy dinner.
 Cheese quesadilla with avocado on the side.
 I also had some salsa with it and it was delish.
Two of these bad boys for dessert...sorry Brent I am eating your supply!  At least I made myself stop at two.
Well, better run I have a few more little things to do around here.  Hope everyone had a great Wednesday.  I will be cooking some yummy stuff for our company so stay tuned.

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