Monday, March 5, 2012

Chicken Tender Salad

Lately I have been craving avocados.  Usually I crave guacamole, but plain sliced avocados have been really amazing!  I bought a massive avocado for a buck at the grocery store and I think I can use it on three different things!  Today I made an amazing salad with leftover chicken crispers from Chili's, leftover corn on the cob, tomatoes, and avocado.  So good.  I used a little honey mustard and ranch but it didn't need a lot of dressing.  Let me just say that when I have leftover chicken tenders, I almost always make salad with them:)
 You have got to try chicken tender salad.  Avocado makes this even better.
 Simple and delish.  I had leftover cowboy beans with skillet cornbread tonight for dinner...I am so sad they are almost gone-as I took my last bite I thought, I need to make these again very soon.  Hope everybody had a great Monday and I will see ya here tomorrow!

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