Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Already

Today was the last day of the James study I am in.  I have learned so much and have a whole new outlook on the book of James.  Some of the verses I have memorized have come to me on so many occasions when I needed them.  If you have never memorized scripture, I recommend you try it-I have been so encouraged by it.  Thankfully we are starting another study over a book called The Confident Woman so I will still get to see the lovely ladies in our group.  After the study I went to Body Pump.  I have had some pretty hard workouts this week so I think I will take it easy over the weekend.  I came home and made some pizza dough which I will be using tomorrow.  I am really excited and will make sure to post details over the weekend.  This morning I was sick of all the fiber so I had a plain english muffin with peanut butter, cinnamon, and choc. chips and my next favorite smoothie.
 It was delicious!
This is what I had for dinner last night and I will probably have it again tonight!
Hope everybody is having a great Thursday.  This day is going by so fast.  I better get to work around this apartment! 

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