Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love/Hate Relationships

I have a love/hate relationship with Cardio Challenge.  I love it because it gets my heart rate up like soccer used to, which is great for my mental/physical health.....but sometimes I find myself thinking hateful thoughts toward it lol.  Today we did a circuit where we run laps around the gym weaving in and out of cones with hurdles and such for 3 minutes and then we would alternate that with random things like squat jumps (kill me now), push ups, burpees, mountain climbers for about 3 minutes-we did that circuit about 6 times.  You know it is bad when you are praying for jumping jacks and when she says you will do this for 30 seconds and you think "Are you kidding me?"  Yes, I find it amusing now and like I said, I really do love it.  We all start slowing down toward the end.  Maybe you can relate?  Maybe you don't care to work out like that!  Hope you can find the humor in it like me.  To fuel up for this crazy workout I made a Kodiak pancake with peanut butter, fresh strawberries, and yogurt (blueberry mixed with plain).  I put cinnamon and ground flax in my pancake and this combination is even better than the pear pancake I was eating last week.
 What a great combo!
 This coffee cup times 2.
I came back from Cardio Challenge and ate a bunch of grapes.  For lunch I made chicken melts using the leftover Philly Chicken mix.  I am loving avocado right now so I had some on the side.  LOL I don't even think this put a dent in my hunger so I will probably be eating a snack soon!
 I actually think I like this better in sandwich form, but I was out of I think I will try it in pasta!
Not sure what I will be cooking for dinner.  I usually have a plan, but some days I just don't.  I will just find something to make out of what is in my pantry.  I plan to work on my cards for a good while this afternoon.  I really like this Bible verse I came across in my morning study:
He will be a sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.  Isaiah 33:6 
What a comfort.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!  P.S. are you ready for another health challenge?  I didn't talk about it much but I did good on the fruit challenge.  I ate at least 1.5 servings of fruit a day and it kind of got me back in the habit of having fruit for a snack!!!  Next challenge:  eat a healthy breakfast during the week which would include whole grains (oats, whole wheat toast, etc.), protein (could come from nuts, milk, eggs), and fruit of some kind!  Yikes...this seems demanding.  I kind of already do this but it will be extra motivation. 

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