Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet Tooth

We have had some really awesome dessert lately.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them all:)  Last night we had some really good Bertolli Soup.  It had chicken and lots of veggies and I made some biscuits to go with it.
 Warm buttery biscuits and soup!
 Cliff made peanut butter cookies right after dinner.
 Repeat of last night with banana, fudge sauce, caramel, whipped cream and Blue Bell.  Oh my:)  After this, I also may have had 2 more cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips on top!!!
 I know, don't judge!  I also happened to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast that were so good.  Grands flaky cinnamon rolls (the best canned cinnamon roll I have ever had).
Eggs scrambled with sausage and bacon and a side of skillet potatoes.  This breakfast was so delightful.
We went to church this morning and then went back to my Aunt's and started cleaning.  I made Cliff a pita pizza and myself a grilled peanut butter and nutella sandwich (with yogurt and fruit).  We have been here about 5 nights so I did some laundry and gathered all our stuff.  It is pretty cold here but we threw the frisbee for a while (we have a giant frisbee that is really fun to throw).  We are about to head back to our house  and I am planning a really inventive dinner so stay tuned!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend:)

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