Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday

I slept in big time today.  I woke up to see Cliff off at 7am, but then laid back down and before I knew it I had slept till 10.  I had work at 2pm so the day flew by.  I am still feeling sick but at least I slept good.  After a shower I had a simple breakfast of oatmeal and a skillet pumpkin muffin.
 My homemade instant oatmeal with peanut butter and a leftover pumpkin muffin from Women's Bible study.  A huge cup of french vanilla coffee and milk.
I ended up crumbling my muffin into my oats and it was great.
I ate breakfast so late I ended up taking a Powerful Vitamin C smoothie to work.  I have been loading up the Vitamin C so in my smoothie I put orange juice, pineapple, strawberries, and peach yogurt.  It was mighty tasty.  I also had some delicious peanut butter Ritz crackers.
 I took this picture on my way down the stairs ha!
 I decided to take a break from the soup and had some leftover mashed potatoes and gravy with green beans and butter bread times 2!  I love this combination.
Here are those awesome Dove chocolates from my hubby.  I had 3 peanut butter and 2 dark and they were awesome.
I am laying low this weekend because Cliff is at a retreat.  We are having a girls night tomorrow which will be fun and hopefully I will get a lot of rest.  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

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