Friday, February 10, 2012

Almost Friday!!! I mean Happy Friday

Okay, I started this yesterday but didn't finish it before work, so pretend I posted this yesterday (it will make more sense).
I am so excited because Cliff comes home tonight and will be home all week!  I went to women's Bible study this morning and it was great.  We take turns doing breakfast and the people in charge today did great.  I had some fresh fruit, breakfast casserole, and pumpkin bread.  So good!  I am thankful to be around these women because they are older and have great wisdom to share.  I ran home after and got a few things then came back to my Aunt's and made an awesome simple smoothie.  She has this chocolate meal replacement powder and I blended that with milk, ice, a mass of peanut butter, and banana!  It reminded me of my favorite Peanut Butter + Banana Chocolate Shake from this awesome place called Pats.
So flippin good!  I am having another tomorrow for sure.
Steamer bag with potatoes and veggies with chicken.  I also had a big bowl of cereal and peanut butter crackers at work/after work.  Don't judge me, my appetite is weird!
This was my dinner Wednesday.  Mayo, cheese, egg and tomato.
I used to love this sandwich growing up, but it wasn't very good to me this time!  I think it was the kind of cheese I used (processed swiss-gross).  Also, I will leave off the tomatoes next time!!
This is the part of the blog I didn't get to finish last night!  Since then I have made another breakfast (find in the next post)!  Also, Cliff is now home yipeeee. 

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