Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Happy Tuesday

It was such a nice day here in Texas.  A nice 75 degrees and I had people over for lunch and dinner!  For breakfast I ended up eating a pancake (I made Cliff one and it looked so good) and I put some oats in it to make myself feel better about cholesterol;) 
 Oats AND chocolate chips-it was steaming when I took this picture!
With peanut butter, cranberries and maple syrup.
I went to an awesome cardio class today called cardio challenge.  It is just a mix of cardio drills and obstacles mixed with random strength exercises like push-ups and burpies.  I love the class because it is really hard (workouts like that make me feel so good-kind of like when I used to play soccer).  I had a friend over for lunch from my old job.  It was really fun to catch up.
 Paninis!  I am getting excited all over again.  I had turkey, avocado, tomato and provolone.
Along with yogurt parfaits.  Strawberries, blackberries, strawberry and blueberry yogurt-delish.
I spent my afternoon making some cards and prepping dinner.  I snacked on one of my granola bars with peanut butter and nutella.  For dinner I made twice-baked potatoes.  If you have never made them, you need to because they are really easy and you can try so many varieties.  First you bake potatoes and let them cool a little.  Cut them in half and carefully scoop out the insides and place them in a bowl.  Preheat your oven to 425.
 I added cream of mushroom (just a little and it is optional), bacon, chicken, chopped broccoli, sour cream, a little butter, milk and cheese.  Mix all that up and season to taste (I used garlic salt).
 Grease a baking pan and sprinkle salt on it.  Then put your potato shells in so they are ready to stuff with that awesome mixture you just made.  Top with a little more cheese and put them in the oven.
 Bake for 15 minutes then flip it to broil for about 5.
I had a little extra broccoli on the side.
Did I mention I had Danielle and Ben over for dinner?  Cliff is working long hours so he didn't make it for dinner:(  We still had a good time and I cut Ben's hair after.  Then we went to Bible study.  I am so thankful for our group.  I hope everyone had a great Tuesday (I kept thinking it was Wednesday).  Also, remember that healthy challenge I mentioned before?  Well, our first challenge is to get at least 2 servings of fruit each day.  I think I will make each challenge 2 weeks long.  Let me know if you are in on the challenge.  I had mine today-dried cranberries on pancake and in my granola bar, then fresh berries in my yogurt.

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