Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Everyone

I have not really made anything interesting which is why I haven't blogged.  I know we all have times like that.  I am house/animal sitting for my Aunt so I'm not in my kitchen.  She was nice enough to buy some easy foods so that is what I have been having:)  I made peanut butter toast with bananas, raisins and cinnamon this morning. 
 I may have put a little butter on the peanut butter!  So good.
 I added some tomato, edamame, and Parmesan to this.  It was good but I have also eaten a lot of trail mix to go with it:/
This was my dinner a few nights ago.  Cheesy eggs, tomato soup and butter toast-I know I am totally lame.  I think my body just needed protein.
Cliff is going to be home next week so I should be able to cook some good food, including a yummy Valentine's meal.  I am quite excited.  He wants chicken fried steak so I will make it for the first time.  I have watched my Mom make it so many times because that is what my Dad and Bro always wanted for any special occasion, so I feel pretty confident about making it.  Do you have any Valentine plans?  Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday Wednesday (oh man can you tell I am having an off day?).  I am off to make some cards for my Aunt.  I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but I like making greeting cards/little notes for people (my Aunt who is really good at sending people cards usually requests them about 25 at a time so that is a great way to spend my free afternoon).  

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  1. Lauren! :) I miss you! And I actually have Valentine's evening off!! :D So I'm going to hang out with the hubby :) Have a lil date.
    I'm so happy Clif will be home all week next week! :) That will be so much fun! I love you and I miss you A LOT!