Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Snack

Let me just say I have started going to a class called Cardio Challenge.  I have been going for about 4 weeks (only on Tuesday), and it makes me so hungry!  I really like it because it challenges me like soccer workouts used to.  I am glad it is only once a week for an hour.  Before my class I fueled up with an awesome pancake
 Peanut butter, diced pear with cinnamon maple yogurt.
 I made one for Cliff before he headed to work.
I am going to breakfast with Danielle tomorrow and I plan to try their new steel cut oatmeal....exciting!!!!  They also have great coffee and can't wait to hang out and chat with Danielle.  For lunch I made a chicken salad sandwich
Canned chicken, mayo, yogurt, grapes, carrots and seasonings.  I love chicken salad, especially with some kind of fruit in it.
I feel like this day is flying by.  I got a few errands done but have not even touched my cleaning list.  I am about to clean like a mad woman as soon as I finish this post.  I also worked on an application for a college advisor job that would be cool but their job site is being funky so I had to contact their help desk....booooo!  Oh well in the meantime I can clean.  Oh, I also went to the post office to mail off some cards my Aunt requested.  I finally used the self service mailing thing which was not as hard as I thought!
They are little encouragement notes and I am going to start selling on esty soon I hope!
You are probably wondering about the sweet snack!  I invented an awesome snack today because of weird cravings ha.  I blended yogurt + milk + 1/2 frozen banana + 2 ice cubes.  Poured that into a bowl and had cereal on top-the cereal was called vanilla almond cluster and it is amazing!  I actually ended up using the spoon and a straw.  The clusters tasted like a waffle cone and I need to buy more while it is on sale.  Hope everybody is having a great day sorry for the rushed post!

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