Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Love Weekend Food

The weekends are always a little more relaxed for me with food.  I am usually with Cliff on the weekends so it motivates me to cook.  I had a leftover muffin this morning with milk before church.
 Buttered and warmed in the skillet!
For lunch I decided last minute to make black bean and jalapeno nachos.  They turned out great and we will be having them again soon.  I baked them which tastes awesome and is officially the way I plan to make nachos from now on. 
 A little blurry but they were melty and delicious.
 Topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado, salsa and sour cream.
For dinner I made chicken burgers.  I used this recipe and followed it really closely.  I made the following changes:
  • no olives
  • only used 1 lb of ground chicken
  • used panko bread crumbs (don't think it matters what kind you use, you could prob. use oatmeal)
  • used 1/4 tsp on most of the spices (but that probably wouldn't make much difference)
  • cook them for about 5 minutes on each side (3 was not near enough for me)
A friend made me these burgers about a month ago and they were so amazing.  She gave me the recipe and I'm excited that I had time to make them tonight.  I actually made the patties after lunch and put them in the fridge, because I had a meeting, then after my meeting dinner was super fast and easy.  There are a lot of ingredients (which I find kind of overwhelming, but it is not as hard as it seems).  They are so worth it:)  Hope you like these as much as we did.
 This is what they look like before we put them in the fridge.
 Into the skillet over med heat with a little olive oil.
So delicious.  I used Ora-Ida fast food style fries and they are so good.  Cliff said oh man I did not know frozen fries could taste this good....I agree!
I am about to paint my toenails and relax.  Cliff got a last minute assignment so he is working.  I ate some of the rest of my white chocolate pretzel bark for dessert!  I did not realize how amazing that stuff is.  All I did was melt white chocolate and add crushed pretzels and mini m&m's on top.  Gotta run hope everyone is having a great weekend!  We don't have cable or we would probably watch The Oscars...if you are watching them have fun and tell me what movies we need to watch now.

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