Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheeseburger Pizza

Glad it is Friday!  I saw something awesome and hilarious today as I was leaving Walmart.  To understand you need to know that we have police on horses here and they patrol shopping areas/parking lots.  For some reason it always cracks Cliff and me up.  One time we saw one of the police officers bagging a massive amount poop that his horse let out on the sidewalk (yikes that guy was mad).  Today I looked up and saw a horse-police man at the drive up window of Popeyes.  As I'm hurrying to get my camera phone the thought does cross my mind that I don't want to get caught...would it make him mad?  I took the picture anyways but sadly it is really hard to see because I don't have zoom.  I will show you anyways and you can humor me and find it somewhat amusing please!
Not only was this funny, he made a lap around the building and then returned to the window-that is why I got a little closer in the safety of my car!
 First time made:  Cheeseburger Pizza
 Our friend made this a few weeks ago at build your own pizza night and I have been craving it ever since
Ketchup and mustard sauce topped with hamburger (you can put it on your dough raw-sounds nasty but cooks beautifully), bell pepper, tomatoes, cheddar and provolone.  It was super good.
I used my Modified Dough Recipe and it was as amazing again.  I cooked it at 450 for about 18 minutes.  Cliff said it tasted like a double cheeseburger (which is one of his all time favorites) so I say this is a major success.  I wish there were more leftovers.  Tonight we went to Ranchero for our amazing potato nachos.  We sat out on our back patio when we got back and ate extremely delicious ice cream cake.  I am stuffed and ready for bed.  Have a great weekend everybody.

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