Monday, May 7, 2012

Easy Philly Turkey Sandwiches

We had french bread with our lasagna a couple nights ago and had a little leftover.  I love the fresh french bread you buy at the store and you can make a lot of yummy things if you have leftovers.  We like to use it for paninis, french toast, quiche and now for sandwiches.  For this meal I used stuff we already had in our fridge.  By the way, I always keep frozen bell pepper and onion mix in my freezer.  For these sandwiches I started out with a hot skillet and a little olive oil.  Threw my bell pepper and onion mix into the skillet until softened and slightly browned.  Then I moved those to the side and put my turkey on the skillet
 Flip your meat and then top with your pepper mixture.
 Turn off the heat and top with cheese.  While the cheese was melting I toasted my bread in the toaster oven
 Assemble your delicious sandwich
I sauteed some squash on the side
Hope everyone is having a great Monday.  I am headed to my last closing shift at the Y!  Gotta run
He will keep you strong right up to the end, and He will keep you free from all blame on the great day when our Lord Jesus Christ returns.
1 Corinthians 1:8

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