Sunday, May 13, 2012

Steak Night

We have been meaning to grill out for a while now but have needed propane.  Thursday Cliff ran to the store for a couple last minute items and got propane and steak!  We don't have steak very often, but obviously really like it.
Grilled to perfection by my husband
 Served with Caesar salad, Cottage-Fried Potatoes and grilled veggies
 Pre-grill Cliff marinated the steak with steak seasoning and Worcestershire.  I rubbed olive oil on the onion and bell pepper and seasoned it with garlic salt and pepper.
I rigged up a table on our patio with an ice chest.  Yesterday we went and got a new patio table so I take dinner pictures on that tonight!
This meal was so delicious.  I guess when you don't make it that often, you appreciate it even more.  We actually cooked this Friday night and didn't cook a lot yesterday.  I made a breakfast casserole that I will post tonight and then we had Wendy's for lunch while we were out and about running errands.  Our friend graduated from college so we went to her party last night and her parents really know how to cook and take care of guests.  We had a great time. 

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