Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exciting News

Cliff got me an amazing new camera which means I get to take amazing pictures now!  I have wanted a camera for a while...but not bad enough to spend the money on it.  Our three year anniversary is coming up and he surprised me with the best camera.  He is so good at technology stuff and he got one that is really good quality, but simple enough for my behind the times technology mind!  I didn't get to play with it as much as I would have liked because I have been so busy.  But it did give me the motivation I needed to blog.  Sorry I have been missing in action.  It has been a very tiring week.  I am so excited because Cliff and me are going on a little weekend trip to see family.  I guess my energy levels are up in anticipation for that (not to mention eating Gigi's cupcakes after dinner).
 Mississippi Mud Cupcake
 My Aunt brought these bad boys over for dessert tonight
 She ate the wedding cake one, Cliff and I shared the peanut butter chocolate and the Mississippi mud!
I ended up finishing Cliff's Mississippi mud cupcake because he said they were too sweet.  They are too sweet when you eat more than one (which may be the reason I am still up)!  The frosting is so good.
I did not get the chance to cook a lot this week.  I made Pizza Pasta tonight.  My favorite meal of the week was the night Cliff made bacon wrapped burgers on the grill.
 He just patted out hamburger patties and wrapped uncooked bacon around the meat (secure it with a toothpick).  Then grill to perfection.  With some typical Lauren sides.  By the way, Cliff only had meat and potatoes and I think that made him pretty happy!  More green beans for me.
 Here are some cute graduation cards I made for my boss!
 I did not make many interesting meals this week but I'm sure we will this weekend.  I will get to take lots of pictures with my new camera and maybe I can get back to normal blogging next week.  Hope everyone has had a great week.
In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait expectantly. 
Psalm 5:3


  1. Love that you got a new camera! Thank you for your scripture; it revives my soul. Happy today.

  2. You're welcome enjoy your weekend!