Monday, July 2, 2012

Ranch Chicken Tacos

Cliff and me found an amazing, easy way to marinate chicken (don't laugh at me if you already do this and it is really common!).  We started putting the raw chicken in a ziplock bag and then adding our seasonings to it.  Sometimes we add a little oil, dressing, bbq sauce, or water to make sure there is liquid to spread the spices.  Anyway, the other day I put ranch dressing (about 1/4 cup) and taco seasoning (1 Tbsp.) in the bag of raw chicken (about 1 pound).  We let that sit for about an hour and then Cliff grilled it.  It made some delicious chicken tacos!
 Served with homemade refried black beans.  This black bean recipe is awesome, my new favorite!  It is my vegetarian refried bean recipe, but instead of pinto beans use black beans.
 Here is the ranch chicken on the grill

 Cut it up so it will fit in your tacos!
Happy Monday everyone!  We had a great weekend-did anyone watch the Olympic Trials?  We watched gymnastics and swimming last night....can't wait for the Olympics.  We also grilled out with our small group and had lots of good food which I will post later.  I am brain storming about what to make for the fourth this year, we are supposed to go to my Aunt's for a fish fry.  So far I think I may make a fruit dessert and a salad.  We'll see!!!  I can't believe it is Wednesday. 

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