Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Fun of Food Gatherings

We have been to a couple food gatherings in the past week.  I always like thinking of things to make and tasting the things people bring.  Plus I love hanging out with friends and family.  As promised I am going to post the pictures from our small group gathering.  I also have Fourth of July pictures so this is going to be fun!
 Happy Fourth!!  Amber made this pudding dessert (we always called it Fat Boys Pudding).  I love this stuff.  It has a nut crust, cream cheese/cool whip layer, pudding and more cool whip.
 We also had a delicious taco salad, grilled chicken, grilled sausage, beef something and a great fruit salad
 All of it was delicious.  Oh, Danielle also made a chocolate chip cookie dough dip that was awesome (missed the pictures because it was in the fridge and then I was too excited)
 We went to my Aunt's for the Fourth and she had a sweet set up-literally!  This was the super cute centerpiece of the table.  The little chocolatey treats in the center were layered with cookie dough, a reese's and brownie on top.  So good!  Also there were little reese's cookie cups.  They were both amazing
 This was my favorite.  Avocado topped with toasted, lightly oiled almonds with tomato.  It was so so good.  It is my new favorite appetizer
 On to our fish fry!  We had fresh cut french fries
 My aunt had a really cool restaurant potato cutter
 That is my Aunt Kathy
 My awesome parents
 Fish Fry
 What a great bunch!
I helped with the fries and the hushpuppies
 She had awesome trays that were really big!
 I got about 3 more hushpuppies because they were so good
Dessert!  This fruit dip was awesome: cream cheese, Greek yogurt and marshmallow cream.  They said it was even parts of each (maybe a little extra marshmallow cream).  It was so yummy

She also had this cute little menu board that I may need to make.  You make little meal cards and put them up for each day of the week.  Can you tell she likes Pinterest?
I guess that about wraps up our Fourth.  Hope everyone had a great week and I have a few more yummy things to post about.  Be back soon!

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