Saturday, July 28, 2012

Egg In A Basket

I have to admit that I call this Egg In A Hole but Cliff informed me that that doesn't sound appetizing and it is called Egg In A Basket.  What sounds good about egg in a hole?  I guess in my head I was invisioning the buttery skillet bread with a delicious egg cooked into the center...maybe to some people they would invision a stupid hole in the ground!  Anyways, for the purpose of blogging I will just stick with Egg In A Basket:)
 I really liked this with French bread.  I usually use normal bread
 Take the bread of your choice and cut/tear a hole in the center like so
 Butter a warm skillet (medium heat) and place your bread in.  As your bread starts to brown, crack and egg into the center
 Let that cook until you see that the egg is set on the bottom and your bread looks like this, then flip.  I also added a little more butter to my skillet at this point (I used about a Tbsp. total).  When you see that your egg is set on the other side and your bread is brown you can take them off the skillet
 I have to be honest, it is tricky to make this with French bread (and it was a thick slice) because it is hard to get the egg cooked well.  I like mine more cooked than you see here, so I ended up putting it back on the skillet for a couple minutes.  So, make sure you check my pointers for this meal at the bottom of the page.
 After I got it off the skillet the second time, this tasted AWESOME.  I used to make this all the time in college.  It is also really good with normal wheat sandwich bread (plus healthier and easier to cook). 
Made with the French bread, this would go in the delicious special weekend breakfast category.
Hope you like it as much as me!  We also had fruit and turkey bacon on the side
Egg In A Basket
2 slices of bread (choose what you prefer)
2 eggs
1 Tbsp. butter

In a large skillet melt half of your butter over medium heat.  Tear/cut a hole in your bread and place it on the skillet.  When your bread starts to brown (about 2 minutes) carefully crack your egg into the "basket" (hole in the bread).  As your eggs starts to set, you may want to breal your yolk (optional based on preference).  Once your egg is set (2-3 minutes) and your bread looks brown flip it and add rest of butter to the skillet.  Move your bread around and cook until the other side of your egg is set and your bread is brown.  
****Important things to think about when making this breakfast
  • I liked this with thick bread, but Cliff said he would like it better with thin bread because the egg has more room to spread out.  This is a preference thing, but if you use thick bread you need to turn the heat down a little so that your egg can cook better and your bread won't brown too fast.  Also, you could press down the center to make sure you egg is not too runny.
  • Also the egg would cook better if you ripped a bigger hole in your bread (what can I say, I didn't want to lose too much bread!)
  • You may want to break your egg yolk with your spatula so it can all cook together
  •  Don't worry if the egg is not cooked perfectly because there is nothing wrong with throwing it back in the skillet (that is what I did for both of ours and they tasted great once they were cooked better).  Sometimes when I cook things, they are not perfect and that is a great time to learn.  I would like to think everything I make turns out perfectly but that is not real life!  These are the things I learned from this meal and next time I make it, it will be easier because I will know more about the egg with thick bread. 
Hope this helps and hope you try this yummy breakfast!
P.S. I went on the trail this morning and saw a snake!  It was skinny and probably 3-4 feet long (I tried to get a picture but it was almost gone and obviously I didn't want to get too close
Yikes!  Just realized this is a Coral Snake

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  1. Pahaha "Cliff informed me.."
    Love it! I wish I could eat it right now but I'm trying to eat healthier and unfortunately bread is a luxury...

    Love and Miss You Two!!
    Sounds like we need to plan a trip to Houston sometime! Or someone need to come visit us in our new house!!