Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fast and Simple Weeknight Dinner

Depending on the week there are many nights that I don't have time to make a full blown dinner...big surprise.  Occasionally I cook for one so it is nice to have a few meals on hand that are really easy and don't create a lot of leftovers.  Tonight I made a fajita quesadilla that was really good.
 Cheese, chicken, bell pepper and onion
 In my skillet I added a little oil and sauteed my onion and bell pepper.  When they started to brown, I added chicken (already cooked) and some taco seasoning and cooked about a minute.  Set that aside on a plate
 Then you are ready to put your tortilla in the same skillet (good flavor and a little leftover oil, no need to add more oil).  Place cheese on one side and your chicken mixture on that.
 Fold over and cook over medium heat until it looks like this
 I needed to use up the last of my broccoli and cauliflower so I sauteed that as well.  I also had a partial avocado to use so I mashed it up and added a little salsa.  It was the perfect combination.  I had this on the table in about 15-20 minutes (and had time to do things while it was cooking)!

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