Monday, July 30, 2012

Healthy Breakfast

I think I have said it before but almost every weekday morning I make My Favorite Smoothie.  On weekends I make whatever I feel like making (sometimes healthy, sometimes not).  This morning I was in the mood for a granola pancake with strawberries.  It is a simple healthy breakfast that is filling and delicious.
 I like it topped with peanut butter, strawberries (or other fruit), cinnamon vanilla yogurt (yogurt, vanilla yogurt and cinnamon mixed) and some extra granola
 This is my pancake fresh off the skillet with granola in it!
A great start to my Sunday!
If you have not tried Kodiak Cakes you should!  I found out about them through cooking blogs and ordered some online.  Now I am hooked.  They are whole wheat buttermilk pancakes and all you have to add is water.  1/3 cup mix to 1/3 cup water for this size pancake.  If you wanted a bigger pancake you could make it with 1/2 cup.

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