Friday, January 20, 2012

Pizza on the Brain

I was planning on eating potato soup and homemade rolls when I got off work, but for some reason I could not get excited about it (weird I know).  I pass this awesome pizza place on my way home called Crust, and you can always smell their I decided I to make a pizza quesidilla. 
 Look at the outcome:)
 Mozzarella, basil, spinach, tomato, garlic salt, and colby jack cheese.  Put some olive oil in the skillet and then fold it over and wait until it reaches toasty perfection!
Served with a little spaghetti sauce!
A very delicious, quick meal.  I highly recommend you try a pizza quesadilla if you never have.  I also decided to eat some leftover cookie dough dip.
 Start with dunkers!
Top with cookie dough dip-very delicious and I am quite full.  I had to go back for more pretzels and graham crackers (with more dip of coarse).
I was gone all day hanging out with my aunt (recovering from surgery which when well), and working.  It was a good day and I am ready to relax and hang out with Cliff.  Hope everyone had a great week and enjoy the weekend:)

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