Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dinner Satisfaction

Did I tell you how much I enjoy meatloaf?  I feel like meatloaf kind of has a bad rep-heck I didn't have it until I was 22!  This is my favorite meatloaf recipe ever and tonight I got to eat the leftovers (and you get to see a picture since I forgot when I made it).  This picture doesn't do it justice.  When I eat this meatloaf, about 30% of the time I am chewing I am thinking..."How could anyone dislike meatloaf-how?"  No pressure but you should try this yummy recipe.
 With creamy homemade mashed potatoes:)
This meal made me happy and I am glad because I went to work right after I ate it.  I may have also grabbed a peanut cluster as I was leaving;)
Work was really good!  I really like working in the Wellness Center, helping people get set up on the weight equipment.  It was funny because tonight I set up the guy who fixed my car (remember when I didn't have a car?).  I'm glad I am getting the experience.  
In other news, do you ever wonder what to eat for a snack?  To be honest, snacking depends on my schedule and how late I am going to eat dinner.  This week I decided to portion out 2 kinds of trail mix I had in my pantry:)  I like trail mix a little too much.  I look at that serving size and think..YIKES I just ate 5 servings lol.  So I did something awesome and pre-measured all of it into cool little snack bags.  I did rounded 1/4 and 1/3 cup.  Check it out
 Walmart Mountain Trail Mix and Target Cranberry Chocolate
I like them both!  The Target one has healthier nuts and chocolate covered cranberries which is awesome.  The Walmart is always a go in my book!
It is kind of nice to have these in my pantry ready to grab at any moment:)  Do you have any cool snack ideas?  Please share if you do!  I also have to say that my all time favorite snack is pretzels dipped in peanut butter (and sometimes nutella and chocolate chips)!  Have a great night.

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