Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good News

Remember this weekend when I made cinnamon french toast?  I said I really want to try this with cinnamon swirl bread...well what do ya know I got a loaf of cinnamon raisin swirl bread last night from Ben and Danielle:)  What do you do when you have cinnamon swirl bread?  Cinnamon Roll French Toast!!

 I didn't use quite as much butter as this weekend because I try to keep my weekday breakfast on the healthy side.  A little butter in the skillet.  I whipped 1 egg, 1/4 cup milk, 1 tsp. brown sugar, touch vanilla and cinnamon to dip my bread in.
 With some delicious coffee.
 This was very tasty.  I still had a little cinnamon cream cheese glaze from the weekend:)  I recommend making this if you like french toast and cinnamon rolls-its make a beautiful collision of the two.
I snacked on some cuties and did some more applying.  Danielle went for a walk with me and then I made a green monster (I know, I am addicted, I usually do that with food and then one day I will look at it and say I am not having this for a long time-maybe I need to pace myself!).
I was excited because it looked more green today.  It tasted great and I have decided the key to a good green monster is using some kind of sweetened yogurt (strawberry or vanilla for me).
Anyways, back to crafting an applying for jobs!  I am having leftover meatloaf for dinner so maybe you will actually get a picture of the meal I worked so hard on:)  Have a great Wednesday afternoon.

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