Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping and Lunch

Today was a fun day!  I went shopping with my Aunt Brenda to find jewelry for a Christmas party tomorrow night.  I usually don't have great luck finding things I need for fancy events but today was great.  
 My friend made these giant apple bran muffins the other day and I snagged one to try:)  I warmed it in the skillet and it was a delicious way to fuel up for shopping...
Necklace-it is super sparkly!  By the way I am wearing this with a simple black dress.  I will have full pictures after tomorrow night.
 Thankfully we found some fairly comfortable shoes (only $17 at DSW)!
I did not have to work extra hours today so we had a great time shopping and went out to lunch:)  For lunch we had potato soup and a half sandwich at La Madeline.  They also have bread and blackberry strawberry jam which was delightful.  Good news was, my meal came with pasta salad (I do not like cold pasta salad very often), so I took it home and used it to make dinner.  When I got off work, I was craving califlower-weird I know.  Here is what I came up with:
 I steamed califlower with garlic and threw the pasta salad in the skillet with olive oil.  I added a little chicken broth and threw some tomatoes in at the last minute.  This meal was so good.
Finished off with an amazing cup of Mom's Hot Cocoa!  I finally fixed my mixture and it was warm and cozy in my belly.  We have not turned on our heater yet so it is flippin cold in this apt.  I am finishing my evening by painting my nails and watching Morning Glory (I really like it).  Hoping to blog a little more now that my schedule is slowing down a little.  Hope everyone is having a good week.  Enjoy your Friday. 

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