Saturday, December 10, 2011

Night at the Museum

Let's just say it was a hap hap happenin party:)  We got there a little late and the place was packed.  They had the party at the Museum of Natural Science so there were a lot of cool things to look at.  We roamed around for a while and talked with people Cliff knew.  The food was really good.  They had 4 different tables of food including:  panini and soup, mini burgers, a mashed potato and pasta buffet, and a salad and chicken skewer station!  I had a mini burger, salad, and big ol' scoop of mashed potatoes (with bacon, green onion, cheese, pico de gallo, butter, and sour cream).  Obviously my favorite was the potatoes!
 After we ate, I met more of Cliff's co-workers.  They showed us the awesome gem room.
The gem room had all sorts of awesome gems and natural rocks that were beautiful.  More importantly, the dessert was in that area.  They had tables of cupcakes, cookies, coffee, and a crepe bar.  The coffee table had all sorts of deliciousness to put in your coffee (I had a little bit of coffee with my whipped cream).  But really, every time we went by a coffee table I got more whipped cream!  We also had a plate of crepes.  The crepes were filled with chocolate and hazelnuts.  We topped them with strawberries, chocolate sauce, and WHIPPED CREAM!  They were really good.  We found a table and chatted with his co-workers;  before we knew it, it was 11pm and the party was winding down.  They gave us gourmet popcorn bags as we left.  We tried to get pictures but it was too dark.  When we got home I tried to take more pictures of my outfit.  It is kind of hard to see, but my favorite part of this outfit is my necklace!
It was a fun evening!
We need a close-up of that necklace
This picture doesn't do it justice-when it is darker, it sparkles so much....sparkly sparkly sparkly-I even love saying that word!

This morning we slept in and I made Grands biscuits (got them on sale a while back) and omeletts!  In the omlettes I put sausage, cheese, bell pepper, and green chile!  They were good.
 Served with OJ and French Vanilla coffee.
 I almost forgot to take a picture with butter and black cherry jelly on my biscuit!
I'm off to get some Christmas stuff together.  I am also making some home-made dinner rolls because tonight we are going to my Aunt Brenda's for stew!  Have a great Saturday:)

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  1. Pretty lady I miss you so much! I love you blog! You guys look like youre doing great!!

    We should Skype sometime soon!