Monday, December 5, 2011


Wow the past few days have been so busy.  This is just going to be a quick overview because I need to get some sleep!  Cliff and me had a good weekend and it went by so fast.  I didn't get to rest much unfortunately, but I was happy to hang out with my husband:)  Here are some of the yummy things we ate and made this weekend.
 Saturday morning breakfast was breakfast burritos!
Eggs, ham, sausage, potatoes, green chili, salsa, cheese!
 It was pretty good-I ate a lot of breakfast burritos growing up and my Mom is really good at making them!  I love breakfast burritos.
 This is one of my favorite snacks ever!  Peanut butter and pretzels (especially with natural peanut butter-but I'm not too picky when it comes to pb!)
I also happened to add dark cocoa chocolate chips (okay this is my favorite snack ever).  Sat. afternoon I hung out with a couple girlfriends and worked on crafts.  It was a nice afternoon.
 For dinner I made Cliff and I nachos-as you can see, I like mine loaded.
 Chips, meat, cheese and microwave until cheese is melty delicious.  Then add all your toppings.  My favorite are:  lettuce, tomato, quacamole, salsa, and sour cream.
 Nachos are so good!  I guess we had a Mexican food day.
No-bake cookies with additional chocolate and peanut butter-can't just have it plain;)
 Sunday morning I used our leftover burrito mix to make breakfast quesadillas.  They were better than the burritos:)
 With coffee and orange juice.
 We had a very early dinner because I went to work in the evening.  We made personal pizzas with boboli crust from Ben and Danielle:)  I really enjoy that crust.  

After I got off work, we went to Culver's.  We got frozen custard.  I had chocolate custard mixed with cookie dough and butterfinger:)  Oh it was good.  Plus, we got to hang out with Ben and Danielle which is always fun.  We got a kick out of the nutrition facts after we plowed through our ice cream-YIKES!  Probably about 1300 calories with add-ins...LOL we were all slightly sad but it won't stop us from going back.
This morning I got up early for more training!  It went good today, I am learning a lot about the Wellness Center at the YMCA and how to get people set up on workout plans.  I go back again early in the morning, plus my after-school job, then to dinner at a another busy day.  It might be a couple days before I post again but hopefully I will get some good pictures.  This is my breakfast and lunch today.

 One of my favorite combinations.  Toasted English muffin with peanut butter and home-made apple butter.
Whipped up a taco salad with the leftover nacho stuff from this weekend.
I got home late from work tonight and just ate some leftovers.  I felt like I was having kind of an off day, and my sweet tooth kicked me in the butt big time tonight!  Most of the time I am pretty good to eat dessert every day (but not a huge amount).  Tonight I finished off the mixed nut clusters and had another no-bake cookie with extra peanut butter.  Thankfully I got out of the house to do some grocery shopping or no telling what I would have come up with to devour.  I have been known to make some pretty crazy creations when I get the bad cravings!  Got lots of goods at the grocery store so hopefully I will be able to make some great stuff over the next few days:)  Eggnog is in the near future...and I have an awesome way to drink it so heads up!  Also, I am going to try it in my coffee at some point.  Hope everybody had a good Monday.  Hopefully I will not be out of it tomorrow.  My new schedule is throwing me off.  Everybody has an off day from time to time:)  Goodnight.

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