Friday, December 9, 2011

Cauliflower Madness

It has been a busy fun day:)  Had a relaxing breakfast of peanut butter apple butter toast while I did some reading.
This was bread leftover from La Madeline.  You have got to try this combination.  I love homemade apple butter with peanut butter.  I also had Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla Coffee-their coffee is so good!

Got to work after that.  Prepping for tonight, cleaning, and running errands.  Had time for an awesome walk with Danielle!  We were both happy we didn't have to work out alone (plus we walk faster when we are together).  Came home and invented my lunch on the spot (why am I doing this so much lately-I am not typically good at that sort of thing).  Anyways, it was awesome even though it is going to sound weird.  I cut up cauliflower really small and put in in my little skillet.  Mixed one egg with a little milk, salt, and pepper and put that in the skillet with the cauliflower.  Let that sit and it looks like this

I cook this on med-low.  It doesn't take long..make sure you have a nice even layer of butter on the pan or it won't flip right.
Once it is kind of set, work your spatula along the edge and gently flip one side over.  Oh, and add cheese if you are in the I was:)  You might want to put your English muffin in about now!
It didn't flip as easy today and I think it is because of the cauliflower.
 Grab your toasted English muffin and put a little jelly on it if you are into the salty/sweet flavor.  I know this sounds so weird but it was DELICIOUS!
This was my lunch and I am going to eat a pear also.  I am about to head to work.  I am getting off a little early so we can go to the Christmas Party tonight.  TGIF-hope everybody has a great weekend.

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