Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick and Easy Breakfast Tacos

Growing up in New Mexico, there was no such thing as a breakfast taco.  There were breakfast burritos, which are the big papas of breakfast tacos.  True to my upbringing, breakfast burritos will always be my favorite, but the breakfast tacos have grown on me since moving to south Texas 3 years ago.  These were so easy and delicious, I will be making them again soon.
 I made a few extra and wrapped them in plastic wrap and foil to eat later in the week!
 First you brown up some breakfast sausage.  I used haft of a pound and cooked it like hamburger meat.  When that is done, crack your eggs right into the skillet.  I ended up using 7 eggs.
 Stir that until the eggs are cooked.   While this was cooking, I also browned up some hash browns (one small potato baked and cut into cubes) in a separate skillet to add to the mix.  This was enough mix for 5 breakfast tacos.
 To make things really easy, when my mix was done, I turned off the heat, covered the mix with my tortillas, and put the lid on it.
 Let that sit for about 5 minutes, then you are ready to assemble your tacos
We like ours topped with cheese.  Eat immediately or wrap and store in fridge for up to 5 days.

Easy Breakfast Tacos
1/2 pound uncooked breakfast sausage (the tube you find near the bacon in the grocery store)
7 eggs
1 potato (cooked in microwave or baked), cut into cubes + 1 Tbsp oil to cook in
S&P to taste
5 tortillas
Shredded cheese optional

In a large skillet brown your breakfast sausage.  In a separate small skillet cook your potatoes over high heat in oil (about a tablespoon) until browned (I do this at the same time I am cooking the sausage and eggs).  When your sausage is done cooking, add your eggs and stir.  When eggs are cooked stir in your browned potatoes.  Turn off the heat and place tortillas over your egg mixture and cover for about five minutes.  Assemble your tacos and enjoy!


  1. Love this. We need to make them together one morning! I have some ideas too!

  2. Yes we should! I would love to hear your ideas we will talk soon:) I tried calling the other night!