Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures and New Recipes

It is sad that it has taken me so long to blog but here I am!  I have had an intense couple of weeks month.  Not in a bad way, just really busy with travel and work.  This month we have gone to Austin, Corpus Christi and San Antonio.  I have also traveled a couple of times for work.  Work has been going good, I am learning a lot and we have a lot of projects to keep us busy.  I can't complain:)  To be honest, I have not cooked a lot because I have been getting home later and feeling tired.  I have done a few simple things and we have resorted to frozen pizza and eating out a couple of times.  By the way, I am totally hooked on an amazing salad at Freebirds.  Their Ancho dressing is so good you could drink it.  On to things I have cooked.  We went to the river last weekend and I made Oreo Balls for our friends Birthday.  I'm sure you have heard of them, but if you haven't tried them, get your butt to the kitchen and get busy NOW because they are so good. 
Trust me, these are so good
 Three ingredients:  1 package Oreo's, 1 block cream cheese, 1 bag of chocolate chips or melting chocolate.
I used my Ninja to crush the Oreo's
 Place the crushed Oreo's in a bowl and add softened cream cheese
 Stir well, roll into balls, and dip in chocolate.  I melted half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and half a package of melting chocolate.

 I put sprinkles on them for Birthday fun!

 Oreo Balls
1 package Oreo's
1 block cream cheese, softened
1 bag chocolate chips or 1 package melting chocolate (or half of each which is what I did)

Crush Oreo's into fine crumbs (there can be a few small chunks).  In a mixing bowl stir crumbs and cream cheese until well combined.  Roll into balls and place in freezer while you melt your chocolate.  When you chocolate is melted, dip your Oreo balls into the chocolate.  Refrigerate until you are ready to eat.

Here are a few pictures from our river trip with our small group.  We had a great time relaxing and cooking/eating lots of good food.
 Here is the Birthday girl!  Hi Deb
 We have good friends that have access to good snacks!  Let's just say that all the donuts were demolished.
 Pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon, strawberries and fresh squeezed OJ
 This is our awesome group
 On our way to the river, which was relaxing and great (sorry no pics on the river I was way to scared to take my camera)

I plan to blog all weekend and have some great food in store.  Hope everyone has been doing well.  See you soon
P.S. this is what happens when you eat Oreo Balls
 Aaron may have been the biggest fan, see that half eaten Oreo Ball in hand.  It was so funny how he reacted when he tried these

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