Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Food Fast

Yesterday I was trying to figure out some meals to make because I am getting low on ham.  I decided to pick up some pitas so I could do pita pizza.  I picked up a shift at work last minute, so while my pizza was cooking, I made homemade mac and cheese to take for dinner.  I was super speedy.
 Pizza sauce, a little turkey, pineapple, tomato and mozz.
 I cooked this in my toaster oven for about 15 minutes on 375...delish!
 Here is my mac that I took to work and reheated.  It was nothing fancy, basically white gravy with cheddar and I also cooked some veggies to go in it!  It was a fun, busy day yesterday and so far today is about the same.
 I wanted waffles again this morning..this time with peanut butter, pears, and cinnamon maple yogurt-so good
Remember that fat ham sandwich?  I finished off my ham with this sucker for lunch.  Cheese, ham and mustard on lightly buttered and toasted Oat Nut Bread.
Well, I am off to mop and finish up some laundry.  I am not sure what dinner will be.  Hope everyone is having a good day.

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