Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Little Bit of NM

I'm hanging out in New Mexico for the week.  It is where I am from and I love it here.  I enjoy the mountains and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets!  I have been taking our dog for a walk  each morning.  My brother and his wife live on my parents property so we have been having dinner as a family each night.  I haven't really made anything new so I haven't been posting, sorry!  Trace and Breanna (his wife) did make homemade ice cream last night topped with oreos, it was delicious and I will post that tomorrow sometime.  In the meantime thought you might appreciate our little apple project.  My parents have two apple trees!!!  I have been eating on every day:) 

Golden Delicious (these are my favorite, very sweet and crisp)

We dehydrated apples the other day
Quite a little process
Soak them in fruit fresh
Load the trays
One for my mouth, one for the tray, one for my mouth...
The remains, the goats loved these!!

Hope everyone is having a good week:)

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