Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Trail Mix

I love this stuff and make it every year when the Halloween Candy comes out.  I like it a little too much so I have learned to make it to share with people, that way I don't have a whole batch of it to eat by myself.  This is the only way I like to eat candy corn.  When you combine it with the salty peanuts it takes like a payday.  This year I made a batch of it and took it to my lovely co-workers!
I also attached Bible verses and notes to these if you are looking for an encouraging gift idea!

Fall Trail Mix
16oz can of dry roasted peanuts
1 bag of fall color M&M's (the normal size bag in Halloween candy isle, not single serving bag)
1 bag candy corn (I like the variety candy corn)
4-5 cups chex cereal

Combine in a large bowl.  It is also good with pretzels added in:)  I'm sure there are lots of other mix-ins to try as well, this is the way I like to make it!  Enjoy

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